Well, I finally got around to getting a website up to offer my services. As you can see from my “About Page” I’ve been coding for several years and can pretty much do anything programming/coding related that you need done. Aside from my day job as a programmer, I have been doing freelance coding for the last few years. In that time I’ve done everything from creating custom programming solutions for webmasters, to your general site transfers, host moves, html to CMS migration, and of course troubleshooting. You name it, and I’ve done it or had to fix it.

Some people like to build things, some people like to break things, I like to code. No job is too small and I like good projects. I have created some great custom apps for webmasters and I’m open to discussing any project big or small. So, if you have a question or want some additional information, please fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Here are just a few examples of sites I’ve done Custom Coding on:

Twilight Gear

Felt Poker

Hand History Replayer

Also, here is some more information about the type of coding I’m very experienced with:

  • Web coding (such as PHP, flash, or javascript)
  • Migrating static sites or designer test pages to a CMS-based system (particularly CMSMS)
  • URL Rewriting (especially for SEO purposes)
  • HTML and/or css tweaks
  • Server and database setup and administration
  • Website migration
  • and many others!